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Michael Kirby is a California native, a life-long skateboarder, waterman, and classically trained actor who holds an MFA from The Old Globe Theatre. With a diverse career spanning more than a quarter century, Michael works in film, television, voiceover and theatre, and has been seen on Off-Broadway stages, as well as regional houses, like The Mark Taper Forum, Syracuse Stage, The Old Globe, and many more. He is a member of the prestigious Antaeus Theatre company in Los Angeles.  As a father of two, he approaches all things with a patient and nurturing spirit.  Michael loves his craft and thrives on storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction.


Release Day! The third installment of the Science Fiction Series by Joe Piteo, Sea Lion: Ocean of Storms Book 3 is now on sale on Audible! The epic story of an war fought on The Moon after a virus causes a pandemic on Earth. I recommend starting at the beginning of the series with Master and Commander: War on the High Seas of the Moon before joining our heroes in Sea Lion.


Sci-Fi, War on The Hight Seas of The Moon- Male/Female voices … How many dialects can you hear?
Fiction, Western-Romance for a Ranger- Male/Female voices… Who is more apt to make a fool of themselves?
Fiction, Detective Murder Mystery- 1st Person POV … Where is the toaster?
Fiction, Traveling to Dublin, Irish Dialect… What are you doing here?
Non Fiction, Self Help, Meditation… What are you heir to?
Non Fiction, Fatherhood… How hard could it be?
Non Fiction, Business… What does broke mean?



Master and Commander: War on the High Seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book One) by Joe Piteo

Hunter Killer: War on the High Seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book Two) by Joe Piteo

Sea Lion: War on the High Seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book 3) by Joe Piteo



Investing for Beginners: How to Grow Your Money by Larry Wallace


Mindfulness: The Power of Mindfulness and How to Live in the Moment While Becoming Stress and Worry Free Forever by Donna Hargrave


The Mustang Club, A Personal Memory by Donald aka Azure Dirnberger


5 Stars- Just my kind of listen. The story was exceeded by the performance. I did not want it to end.

Audible Listener

“Michael Kirby brings both exceptional talent and professionalism to the production of the Ocean of Storms audiobooks.  The demands of this series are prodigious.  However, Kirby illuminates an incredibly diverse set of characters from Texan Marines to Bedouin sheiks with great skill.  He accurately paints everyone, from the fumbling malapropisms of the ship’s steward to the excruciatingly technical observations of the ship’s doctor. 

Authors are protective of their characters, but Kirby adds to them.  He lifts them from the page, adding color and dimensions to the text.  Michael Kirby has worked through the pages of this series with great care, precision, independent research, and always on schedule.”

Joe Piteo- Author


  • Sean Pratt Non Fiction Audiobook Program
  • MFA- Old Globe Professional Actor Training Program
  • BA- Theatre/Acting California State University at Fullerton
  • Antaeus Theatre Company Member-Los Angeles